Saturday, October 8, 2016

My Own Private PanDaemonium...

We find ourselves here, in this shared moment, across time and space by means of various shades of techno-wizardry comprising the vast inter-webs of cyberspace. A message in a bottle adrift on a limitless sea of potential interactions, amidst the petabytes of data that churn everyday within the digital ocean of the online world.. 


*carny barker exits stage left*

In all seriousness, I’m starting this blog for a number of reasons, but I have to first and foremost give credit where it is most certainly due, to a little book I found in a local bookstore called Show Your Work, by one Austin Kleon.

I have been a creative individual for as long as I can remember, and have always been a bit shy about it. It is my personal exploration of my own inspiration, why the hell would I want to share that? 

Turns out art seems to grow even better when it isn’t living in a vacuum (who’d have thought?), and I am finding that putting some structure into my endeavors, like focusing on deliverables, has forced me to shed some of my self imposed barriers, to great effect.

So this blog is a way for me to summarize what I’ve been working on and where I plan to take it next. I have always considered myself an autodidactic polymath, so there’s always a few different projects going on. Currently, my time is spread among a mobile app, a desktop app (both open source), and my music.

Both the mobile app and the desktop app are designed as tools for organizing random creative inspirations. They work together and I’ve been using them for my own personal process ever since I started them over a year ago. Code-bases are on GitHub under Gauntlet (mobile) and NineWorldsDeep (desktop), feel free to poke around if so inclined.

They have grown and evolved alongside each other, and have always been personal projects, so they are far from something the average user could just use, but they are open source and stable enough for someone familiar with Android and C# to experiment with. I will go into greater detail in future posts.

Musically, this year has been a milestone for me. I recently finished recording my first album, an EP of five tracks, which is in the mastering stages as we speak. 

This is a big step for me, because I have tinkered with music since I was eight years old, but that’s a huge emphasis on tinker. This year I decided I was going to make something tangible, something I could point to when friends and relatives give you that “oh, you’re a musician” tone. 

It’s as DIY as an 80’s punk record, the beats are intentionally basic, the vocals are a bit rough, I mixed it without monitors (*gasp*). 

And I couldn’t be more proud. 

I stand firmly behind my first bass teacher who told me “you’ll never get good, if you can’t first be comfortable with being bad”. Not complacent, mind you, but comfortable enough to keep with it. Practice makes perfect. Start with a realistic goal, however imperfect, follow through to completion, and then take all the lessons (the “should have done this instead” doubts), and move forward into the next project with that experience under your belt.

So yeah, I'm rather pleased with myself. Wanted to tell someone. And I should have monitors by the time the next album is ready for mixdown (I'm not a dilettante, just poor and refusing to use that as an excuse to do nothing). Stay tuned for more updates, I’m going to try to post regularly. 

Oh, and I know this blog isn’t graphically pretty at the moment (or at least as pretty as I want it to eventually be). Chalk it up under the “acceptable imperfections” category. 

Dead last still outshines never finished, and never finished always outranks never started.

Let’s do this.

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